1 December 2012

Packaging Materials: Your Best Friends When Moving Out

Packing Material and Duct Tapes: Newspaper, bubble wrap, napkins, etc. all make amazing packing materials. Quite a lot of people believe that shredding a newspaper is useful when it comes to protecting fragile items from impacts. Similarly, napkins can be best utilized to stuff boxes to give the fragile items a cushioned setting, thus, helping the items from getting chipped or cracked.

Once the boxes are ready, you need to seal them up using a duct tape. Avoid meshing the flaps of the boxes as it is not adequate to keep the boxes intact and it may open during a transfer.

Moving house or your business premises requires you to take your furniture, household. items, clothing, equipment, etc. It certainly is not a fun thing, when you think of all the work at hand. You are constantly dreading about how will you go about with the packing, labelling, etc. Packing as we all know is the most vital aspect of any relocation process. And for this, help is available at a local shop, with your moving company or even if you look around your own house.

Yes! It is true there are standard packaging materials as well as special ones that come in a variety of shapes and sizes for an assortment of uses. So, go ahead and choose the one from the copious list given below to fit your needs and requirements the best.

Document Storage Boxes: You need to make sure your paperwork, bills, spreadsheets, and the like is protected when you move out, don’t you? For this very reason there are specially designed boxes in the market that help to hold files and documents intact causing them absolutely no harm. In addition, you can also make use of ordinary carton boxes to pack up your books, DVD's, and CD's. They can also be used for holding up your cutlery, ornaments, antiques, or any other smaller items you need to pack.

Big Flat Boxes: There are extra-large boxes that can be ideal for big items like pillows, bedcovers, sheets, eider downs etc. These can also be used for clothes to stop them from getting creased and crumpled.

While you are packing, make a list of all the stuff that has been done and all that is pending. It will aid in minimizing your responsibilities that need to be completed before the final move. In addition, moving companies will thank you, now what could be better than this?

29 October 2012

The Many Benefits of Movers and Packers!

Years ago shifting to a new place was considered to be a cumbersome task. A classic scenario of moving out was carrying huge, heavy items all by yourself, whilst worrying about their safety and security. This whole process not only tends to make you tired physically, but is also mentally exhausting. However, ever since a variety of moving services stepped in things became a lot easier and fun too.

With the drastic changes in lifestyle packers and movers have become an essential requirement for everybody who wanted to move. Their services have been of tremendous help for one and all without having to lift a finger. After all, who understands the importance of proper packing other than movers and packers? The best of them are the ones that cater to one’s needs and requirements and design their services accordingly. Their main focus needs to be giving the customer prime importance. Their services should at all times incorporate a bunch of professionals with the apt tools and packaging materials. Almost all of these cover transportation together with man power services for a smoother and relaxed pick up and drop off.

For better and additional services there are also movers and packers who facilitate in warehouse and storage facilities, car carrier and transportation services. If in case you are moving locally within Bahrain or some other place, you need not worry as all your goods will be transferred safe and sound. They will cover domestic as well as international moving services along with postal and parcel services. In addition to the above there is freight forwarding, logistical services, custom clearances, insurance coverage services, and a lot more.

Professional moving companies are almost like your best friends in times of transfers. As they help you right from the start of your relocation process with the packing, labelling, covering, and at times transporting the goods to making sure that the boxes have been unpacked and delivered at your doorstep – all of this without giving you a moment’s trouble. Now, who says moving out is a troublesome procedure?

5 October 2012

Reap the Rewards by Choosing the Right Storage Space Solutions

When it comes to a complete renovation of our home, most of us often have the same questions - How long will it take? If it takes too long what will you do about all the stuff lying in your house? Will the neighbours be able to take care of it? Or will it be possible to give it to your relatives? You are confused; you probably thought it wouldn’t take too much time and would generally be a hassle-free process. Well, you can relax - because there is no real need to worry, not with numerous storage space solutions at your disposal. Everything from your household furniture, gym equipment, wall hangings, books and, carpets, to the kitchenware can be stored safely with them.

Storage companies have gained recognition all around the world. A lot of people have been benefiting from the facilities they provide. Then again, you should be aware of the facilities they have to offer. Let us know the basic features of these companies:-

Size: Almost all the companies offer storage space to hold items that are small and large. This size is dependent upon your needs and requirements

Safety Measures and Privacy: What good is a unit if it cannot even provide safety and security? After all, you wouldn’t want to store items with complete strangers. Therefore, security is highly important. Surveillance cameras, alarms, access codes and, at times, even security guards are made available to make sure there is a complete security for all your belongings.

Insurance: Storage houses are massive. They accommodate a lot of stuff from a lot of people and, they have to make sure that all these items are kept safe. That’s why most of them provide insurance against natural hazards like sun exposure, humidity etc., in addition to this there is insurance coverage against theft, fire, short-circuits, etc.

Climate Control: When you need room to store up your seasonal goods, climate controlled units are ideal. This way, your belongings are protected from environmental fluctuations such as dampness, heat, etc. They keep a check on of the humidity levels or keep it air-conditioned depending upon the requirement for your goods. Precautions could also be taken against termites, rats, etc.

Hence, you see you can avail all of these facilities and that too at economical rates. So, now you can plan to renovate, relocate or simply make a space without thinking twice.

6 September 2012

Five Easy Guidelines to identify a good moving and packing company

Moving home is an anxiety filled time for the most seasoned of residence hopping veterans and anyone who claims otherwise is usually underplaying their emotions. There’s plenty of evidence out there on house moves gone bad. In some cases, the movers came, packed up every last bit of the customers stuff and were never to be seen again. In others, the moving guys decided to give themselves a spontaneous hike in their wages just after loading up the customers’ belongings in their truck. Pretty much every variation of all the known tricks and then some more have been pulled on unsuspecting customers. They have gone on to lose their money, belongings and had their trust shattered forever.

In most cases of a move gone bad, chances are that these customers are bound to report of having been lured by the website of the rogue mover. Sadly, anyone with a half decent budget and some basic know how can design a snazzy website whose sole purpose is to lure unsuspecting victims. But, it is incorrect to brand the entire industry on the basis of a few bad elements. There are plenty of packers and movers who have earned their reputation through their stellar performance over the years.

Honest moving and packing companies can be identified through a five easy guidelines that they all seem to follow. Some among these are listed below as follows:

  1. Professionally managed moving companies usually conduct an on-site inspection before giving a quote. They avoid making blind quotes and other too-good-to-believe offers

  2. The terms of payment are discussed and agreed to beforehand. There are no deviations in terms of cash demands and their ilk, midway through the execution of the contract

  3. Reputed moving and packing companies tend to have local or regional offices in the areas where they are operational

  4. Every move is ‘incident free’ till such time as something goes wrong. This is why, good movers offer ‘moving insurance’ to their customers. Many would question such a move, but it is indeed a safety net for the customer

  5. From equipment and moving vans wearing company branding to well-furnished offices are some tell-tale signs that the mover of choice is a genuine one and not some hole in the wall setup

Of-course, it takes a lot more to have a successful movers business. Years of quality work together with putting customer delight at the heart of the operations are the hallmarks of some of the best moving companies out there. So, the next time there comes a chance to choose, do take the time to verify the claims made on a company website. It may just mean the difference between a nightmare and a happy move.

8 August 2012

Removals Companies – Boon or Bane

The opinions are sharply divided whenever the topic veers to the thorny issue of the relevance of removals companies in this day and age. One camp that is keen to lay low the claims of services providers is the DIY camp.

Hugely independent and filled with enthusiasm, such people are easy to identify. They usually are of the opinion that every professional service provider out there is merely in the business to make money off their poor customers. They pride themselves on their meticulousness and the fact that they can always reach out to their loosely-defined community of fellow enthusiasts. They are great at coming up with home-grown solutions and are often found to be spreading the word on them.

They scoff at the other camp, refusing to believe in the merits of their arguments. Of the opinion that commercial mover’s services offer nothing comprehensively better for the rates charged by operators.

For all the criticism heaped upon them, moving companies do have a lot going in their favour. The DIY spirit is something that’s to be respected, but it does come across as a little misplaced when dealing with house removals. Many people when reflecting upon their moving experiences tend to relate a lot to terms such as anxious and stress. These usually tend to be those that have succumbed to the call of their DIY spirit. On the other hand, those that do hire the services of a professional moving services unit tend to be quite relaxed about their experience.

Common points that have been observed in this group of people have all revolved round the preparedness of the moving crew, the availability of quality moving equipment and the peace-of-mind factor. While a DIY team may affect a highly limited number of moves, a professional moving outfit breathes and lives house removals. This makes the latter highly efficient at their job, through experience and periodic training in the latest removal advances. They also have better access to the latest equipment and tools that not only make moving safer, it also improves the speed at which the job is wrapped up. Lastly, having a professional house removal crew frees up family members from a stressful situation and facilitates the refocusing on other important tasks.

With the nitty-gritty’s being laid bare, it is easy to see which solution is in the lead. However, at the end of the day, it is those undergoing the removals that are the ones in position to make the best choice for them. So, whatever the choice, do remember that in the end, all that matters is that it is a happy move.

16 July 2012

Three Important Things to do before hiring packing and moving services

Having lived in a particular city for some time, it is always a difficult day when the time comes to pack your bags and move out. Anxiety levels are known to skyrocket and all in all, people tend to wish that they’d have had a less stressful experience. Some smart people out there do realize that a home or office move is beyond their capabilities and choose to call in someone with the necessary expertise and training. But there are a few things that one can do before hiring packing and moving services to assist them in their shifting.

Sorting: Most people around us do have this habit of collecting and holding onto things, long after they’ve outgrown them. Some even believe that it is a generic human tendency that non-believers simply scoff at. Whatever the reason, it is certain that the pre-move preparation time is a great opportunity to shed off that excess stuff.

Packing: There are a few people who tend to put off packing till the last moment. Not only does this practice add to the stress levels, it also increases the chances of missing out on important belongings. The best way to get around this is by starting to pack comfortably ahead of the actual moving date. This way, one can check and recheck, thereby minimizing the chances of forgetting something behind.

Disposal: Once the sorting is done and packing gets underway, there are bound to be belongings that must be disposed off. These may include stuff that has outgrown its utility, is obsolete, too impractical to move and so on. The socially responsible way to get rid off this stuff is by donating the belongings to the needy. The blessings from the beneficiaries of your generosity are sure to come handy eventually. What’s left behind may then be raffled off, perhaps through a garage sale. After all, what’s junk for one can be useful for the other. If there are still leftovers, the friendly neighbourhood recyclers should be happy to take them off you. Any cash generated through disposal can go on to subsidize the cost of the move.

In-spite of all the necessary precautions; one might end up needing extra storage space for their surplus belongings. In such instances, ask around for a reliable storage facility in the vicinity. They would be glad to extend their services to those in need.

So good luck and happy moving!

4 June 2012

Anti-Scamming Checklist for Household Storage in Bahrain

Storage in Bahrain has been witnessing an upsurge with many new operators setting up shop and promising to offer a tempting platter of facilities. However, all storage is not the same and there could lay a few nasty surprises for the unsuspecting few among the heap. Taking the decision on renting a household storage unit is an important one and it is crucial that one does not fall prey to scamming attempts from fly-by-night operators.

Cost plays a major psychological role in the minds of a prospective storage customer and unscrupulous operators are known to exploit this to the hilt. They levy additional charges post signing of the contract or simply could skimp on the facilities and deliverables. A good way to work around this would be by asking for quotes from three to five operators. This way, one can cross compare and choose the one that suits the wallet the best. Do remember to clarify every minute detail of the quote to avoid nasty surprises on what was included and excluded from the deal, at a later stage.

Operators generally tend to have storage units in multiple sizes to suit the requirements of a wide cross section of customers. But it may not always be the case with every operator. So do make inquiries suited to your specific needs and avoid a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. Climate too plays a major role on deciding upon an operator. For example, if one has a significant proportion of delicate items to be stored, they’d need facilities with dedicated temperature and humidity controls. A feature that may not be available on site, with every storage operator in the market. Additionally, under insuring or non-insuring the belongings throughout the storage duration may turn out to be an extremely expensive and potentially dangerous situation should some eventuality to come upon one’s belongings. Avoid operators who tend to underplay this important detail.

Safety is another critical feature that must figure high on every prospective storage customer’s checklist. Do a thorough check on the storage facilities. Make sure that access to individual units is restricted to the respective renters and a proper system is in place to track and prevent any instance of unauthorised access. Low-light capable surveillance systems, trained security personnel, advanced access-control systems and round-the-clock maintenance of an access log are just some of the basic features that a household storage facility in Bahrain must offer to their customers.

It is said that the devil lies in the fine-print and one must therefore go through it with extreme care. Seek clarification, preferably in writing for any and every query that may subsequently arise. Do not settle for meek explanation and verbal assurances as these can turn out to be rather costly in the near future. Remember, having all the necessary information is one of the best ways to avoid being scammed. At the end of the day, it is the customer who stands to lose, their belongings as well as their money. So, its a good thing to take all necessary steps to avoid exploitation.

7 May 2012

The curious tale of endangered possessions and the lessons learned!

Most people consider cars to be a mode of transportation, meant to take people from Point A to Point B. Me on the other hand, got bitten by the motoring bug and developed the ability to go beyond their sheet-metal; peeking deep into their mechanical soul. A practice that followed me around all through those teenage years, going on to become a calling of sorts as I embraced adulthood.

Having set my eyes on this modern-classic with those sewn-like-a-rock lines, I’d chased my neighbor for his all-wheel-drive for the better part of four years. Then one fine day, he called me into his home and entrusted me with his most prized possession. But not before exacting the promise that I would put in every effort to bring her back to her former glory. Ever since that day, every classic owner of that genre, performance parts stores even those halfway ‘round the globe have been cajoled and coerced into sharing their information war chest. Running parallel to this information hunt has been an exhaustive search for treasure that responded to the name of OEM parts.

Now, many say that replacement parts can come from any manufacturer. However, there is a certain assurance that comes with buying parts that came straight from the vehicle manufacturer. Not to mention, the certain charm of holding onto a piece of history. When involved with a vehicle that went out of production a few decades ago, the search for OEM parts can sometimes resemble a treasure hunt. Then, up about a year and a half ago, I finally managed to corral together all the necessary parts that would be required for the nut & bolt restoration job as promised.

However, added responsibilities at work and a new member in the family meant that this pet project had to be reluctantly put on the back burner for some time. Soon, days turned into weeks and the weeks quickly turned into months. Till one fine day, the sun seemed to have risen at a different angle; for it sure did seem to shake off the darkness that surrounded the long forgotten project. Bounding through the yard, attempts began in earnest to bring the restoration back into the spotlight.

But alas! The unthinkable had happened. A small patch of roofing, the decay gone unnoticed, had given way, exposing the garage to the harsh elements of the atmosphere. In its midst, it’d left behind a pathway of corrosion and damage, one that could have jeopardized the entire project. An entire section of the garage was in ruins. Dust and sand had played their dark symphonies, had wreathed devastation on the parts and tools being stored there.

Picking the way round the havoc, I couldn’t help but thank my stars for having listened to the voices of reason and chosen wisely. Only a small set of expensive but replaceable tools and parts were destroyed beyond salvage. Everything else, the all-wheel-drive included, was parked safely at the nearby storage facility. Secure in the knowledge that the damage was contained and that the results could have been much worse, I learnt my lesson and vowed never to skimp upon a dedicated vehicle storage solution when dealing with my precious set of wheels.

It’s been three months since I have managed to complete the restoration and yet, just recollecting how severe the damage could have been, sends shivers down the spine. Thank heavens then, that foresight and a timely decision to go for a dedicated storage solution ended up saving the day for me.

4 April 2012

Handy Checklist for those looking to hire packers and movers in Bahrain

Moving home is a time filled with excitement and anxiety. There are just way too many things to be taken care of and it does tend to get on the nerves at times. People in Bahrain are no strangers to packing and moving companies who offer a wide range of products and services that take care of their concerns for them. However, every year, there are reports unscrupulous operators dangling the carrot of low prices, get the better of customers who are then left to go clutching for straws.

To prevent such situations from becoming commonplace and to prepare people for the negotiations, here’s a handy checklist that contains some useful tips:

Never believe the word of a single operator. Work the competition into your favour and call for quotes from at least three operators. This opens up a chance to compare factors such as timings, packing & unpacking assistance, distance limitations, storage costs and other miscellaneous charges if any.

While an overnight operator is not necessarily a bad thing, it usually takes years of service to build up a good reputation. Ask around for customer referrals and cross-check with them for any variations in responses.

Go over the paperwork with a magnifying glass and ask for clarifications till all doubts have been answered satisfactorily. You know its time to walk away the moment you see some hesitation or stalling tactics being used.

Properly clarify all doubts related to payment, ensure that the terms and conditions are to your satisfaction.

A contract that has too many blank spaces or non-satisfactory clauses is a sure-sign for you to tread cautiously, backing off even if things get worse.

Always be present at the time of packing. Most responsible packers are careful enough to take care of your belongings but it’s a good practice to oversee them personally.

No valuables or paperwork must be left behind with the packers. Carry it along, in person to ensure that they are not misplaced or damaged. The same procedure follows during pickup and delivery.

Check for insurance and ensure that you are adequately covered. It may seem like a trivial thing, but accidents do happen and a safety net is always advisable.

If one follows the above guidelines, they should have no difficulty in narrowing down upon the right packers and movers in Bahrain. So good luck and happy packing!

15 March 2012

Common pitfalls to avoid while renting your personal storage unit

Car is nothing but a mechanical contraption with doors, wheels, a steering to guide it into the intended direction and a braking system to help stop when necessary. If someone were to declare in today’s day and age, they’d be laughed off for being foolish. However there are many that apply similar guidelines when sizing up personal storage solutions. In their opinion, a storage facility is nothing but a bunch of sheds with some locked doors that they can rent to store their belongings. They try to do everything in their power to search for the cheapest deal out there, without even pausing to consider the risks that such a decision would be fraught with.

Some even succeed and boast to their pals about how it was they who went out and snagged the cheapest deal available, while the others are stuck with paying higher rentals for similar sized storage space. While seeking out the lowest prices may be monetarily lucrative, it need not always be the best solution for everyone. Imagine this situation; Mr. B. has just rented a personal storage unit at a facility that offered him a quote that was almost a third cheaper than the rest of the operators. In the first month, everything is hunky-dory and things are going great. The company is happy to get a new customer and Mr. B. is happy to get his storage space at a real steal.

Some months later, when Mr. B. goes to add some more belongings in his storage unit, he is aghast to find that his priceless collection of photographs is showing signs of rapid deterioration due to exposure to inclement weather. When Mr. B. shared this experience over a popular consumer forum, the experts and storage veterans were unanimous in their response. Mr. B. had failed to check if the company had climate controlled facilities and therefore suffered severe damage to his property. Thankfully, much of the damage was reversible and fellow forum members came to his aid in restoring his photography collection.

This is just a single situation but there are many like Mr. B.; who have suffered due to their decisions. Apart from climate control facilities, one also needs state-of-the-art security measures that are backed up by quality customer service. One such operator that has earned rave reviews from satisfied customers for their exemplary services is Storage Bahrain. Known for their competitive rates, their facilities are rated by customers as being among the most secure in the region.

The Secure Feeling that’ll get you storing a lil’ bit more...

Let’s face it. Apart from the liberation of space around our living or working premises, most people prefer using personal storage facilities for the security they offer. The items stored on premises can be classified under multiple categories. Some prefer storing valuable documents; others prefer storing memories in the forms of family heirlooms or photographs, and so on. Business users too find such facilities highly attractive. They use them to store their promotional paraphernalia, unused stationery and so on. Thus, Security becomes an extremely crucial factor in deciding upon a self-storage facility, to keep our stuff. Here are a few handy tips for all those in Bahrain, to help you evaluate the options out there, and choose the service provider that best suits your requirements.

Any storage facility worth its’ salt, will invest heavily into securing the building premises. But what separates the best from the rest, is the attention that they give towards preventing entry into the premises, in the first place. After all, any service provider will know that restricting access is the first of the safety measures to be deployed.

Locking systems are another checkpoint for the cautious customer. From simple measures like, counter-sunk cylinder locking units to digital swipe card based systems, a progressive self-storage services provider, will ensure that storage units are accessible only to tenants and key facility employees.

Similarly, a well lit facility not only prevents people from stumbling around in the dark, but also assists other, ancillary security systems to perform at the optimum.

The latest in surveillance cameras, featuring capabilities such as a wide angle of vision; trained personnel to monitor the footage, etc are a huge asset in maintaining the security on premises. Some even come with night vision features that’ll spot a cat in the dark.

Documents and the art of managing them

Many people keep complaining about the paperwork that they get saddled with, through out their lives. Banking receipts, work papers, random printouts, taxation papers and so much more. One only has to take time off and sift through their homes to discover their paper trail. Yet, when the need arises, these same people tend to struggle while looking for a specific piece of paper amidst all their stuff.

The situation can get even more alarming, when it occurs at the workplace or business premises. The records there are greater in number. Often, such a scenario occurs, due to legal and governmental regulations. Storage space too gets wasted, as documents pile-up and they lead to the additional costs in care and upkeep, which if tackled differently, can be redeployed towards mainstream business activities.

Storage Bahrain is a trusted name in the storage industry in Bahrain. It offers exclusive services like having a dedicated commercial storage solution and office storage facilities in Bahrain. It also has the necessary technical knowledge to offer customized storage solutions that include a document archiving and document storage solution to its customers. The services on offer include full assistance in the proper maintenance and storage of your records and documents. Accessing those audit and other important files ceases to being that dreadful task as it used to be, when one avails of the facilities at Storage Bahrain. With facilities like round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, maintenance of access-control logs, periodic rounds of the storage-premises by trained personnel, etc. it is no surprise to learn about the major firms preferring to deal with Storage Bahrain.

Storage Bahrain also offers a wide range of services in the personal storage or self storage segment for discerning individual customers. It is also known as one of the best moving services provider in Bahrain and has some exclusive house removal and household storage solutions. It offers exclusive benefits like a simple registration process, scalable assistance with house moves, climate controlled storage facilities and many more.

To know more about Storage Bahrain and to avail of their exclusive services, do visit: www.storagebahrain.com