15 March 2012

The Secure Feeling that’ll get you storing a lil’ bit more...

Let’s face it. Apart from the liberation of space around our living or working premises, most people prefer using personal storage facilities for the security they offer. The items stored on premises can be classified under multiple categories. Some prefer storing valuable documents; others prefer storing memories in the forms of family heirlooms or photographs, and so on. Business users too find such facilities highly attractive. They use them to store their promotional paraphernalia, unused stationery and so on. Thus, Security becomes an extremely crucial factor in deciding upon a self-storage facility, to keep our stuff. Here are a few handy tips for all those in Bahrain, to help you evaluate the options out there, and choose the service provider that best suits your requirements.

Any storage facility worth its’ salt, will invest heavily into securing the building premises. But what separates the best from the rest, is the attention that they give towards preventing entry into the premises, in the first place. After all, any service provider will know that restricting access is the first of the safety measures to be deployed.

Locking systems are another checkpoint for the cautious customer. From simple measures like, counter-sunk cylinder locking units to digital swipe card based systems, a progressive self-storage services provider, will ensure that storage units are accessible only to tenants and key facility employees.

Similarly, a well lit facility not only prevents people from stumbling around in the dark, but also assists other, ancillary security systems to perform at the optimum.

The latest in surveillance cameras, featuring capabilities such as a wide angle of vision; trained personnel to monitor the footage, etc are a huge asset in maintaining the security on premises. Some even come with night vision features that’ll spot a cat in the dark.


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