4 April 2012

Handy Checklist for those looking to hire packers and movers in Bahrain

Moving home is a time filled with excitement and anxiety. There are just way too many things to be taken care of and it does tend to get on the nerves at times. People in Bahrain are no strangers to packing and moving companies who offer a wide range of products and services that take care of their concerns for them. However, every year, there are reports unscrupulous operators dangling the carrot of low prices, get the better of customers who are then left to go clutching for straws.

To prevent such situations from becoming commonplace and to prepare people for the negotiations, here’s a handy checklist that contains some useful tips:

Never believe the word of a single operator. Work the competition into your favour and call for quotes from at least three operators. This opens up a chance to compare factors such as timings, packing & unpacking assistance, distance limitations, storage costs and other miscellaneous charges if any.

While an overnight operator is not necessarily a bad thing, it usually takes years of service to build up a good reputation. Ask around for customer referrals and cross-check with them for any variations in responses.

Go over the paperwork with a magnifying glass and ask for clarifications till all doubts have been answered satisfactorily. You know its time to walk away the moment you see some hesitation or stalling tactics being used.

Properly clarify all doubts related to payment, ensure that the terms and conditions are to your satisfaction.

A contract that has too many blank spaces or non-satisfactory clauses is a sure-sign for you to tread cautiously, backing off even if things get worse.

Always be present at the time of packing. Most responsible packers are careful enough to take care of your belongings but it’s a good practice to oversee them personally.

No valuables or paperwork must be left behind with the packers. Carry it along, in person to ensure that they are not misplaced or damaged. The same procedure follows during pickup and delivery.

Check for insurance and ensure that you are adequately covered. It may seem like a trivial thing, but accidents do happen and a safety net is always advisable.

If one follows the above guidelines, they should have no difficulty in narrowing down upon the right packers and movers in Bahrain. So good luck and happy packing!


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