4 June 2012

Anti-Scamming Checklist for Household Storage in Bahrain

Storage in Bahrain has been witnessing an upsurge with many new operators setting up shop and promising to offer a tempting platter of facilities. However, all storage is not the same and there could lay a few nasty surprises for the unsuspecting few among the heap. Taking the decision on renting a household storage unit is an important one and it is crucial that one does not fall prey to scamming attempts from fly-by-night operators.

Cost plays a major psychological role in the minds of a prospective storage customer and unscrupulous operators are known to exploit this to the hilt. They levy additional charges post signing of the contract or simply could skimp on the facilities and deliverables. A good way to work around this would be by asking for quotes from three to five operators. This way, one can cross compare and choose the one that suits the wallet the best. Do remember to clarify every minute detail of the quote to avoid nasty surprises on what was included and excluded from the deal, at a later stage.

Operators generally tend to have storage units in multiple sizes to suit the requirements of a wide cross section of customers. But it may not always be the case with every operator. So do make inquiries suited to your specific needs and avoid a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. Climate too plays a major role on deciding upon an operator. For example, if one has a significant proportion of delicate items to be stored, they’d need facilities with dedicated temperature and humidity controls. A feature that may not be available on site, with every storage operator in the market. Additionally, under insuring or non-insuring the belongings throughout the storage duration may turn out to be an extremely expensive and potentially dangerous situation should some eventuality to come upon one’s belongings. Avoid operators who tend to underplay this important detail.

Safety is another critical feature that must figure high on every prospective storage customer’s checklist. Do a thorough check on the storage facilities. Make sure that access to individual units is restricted to the respective renters and a proper system is in place to track and prevent any instance of unauthorised access. Low-light capable surveillance systems, trained security personnel, advanced access-control systems and round-the-clock maintenance of an access log are just some of the basic features that a household storage facility in Bahrain must offer to their customers.

It is said that the devil lies in the fine-print and one must therefore go through it with extreme care. Seek clarification, preferably in writing for any and every query that may subsequently arise. Do not settle for meek explanation and verbal assurances as these can turn out to be rather costly in the near future. Remember, having all the necessary information is one of the best ways to avoid being scammed. At the end of the day, it is the customer who stands to lose, their belongings as well as their money. So, its a good thing to take all necessary steps to avoid exploitation.


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