16 July 2012

Three Important Things to do before hiring packing and moving services

Having lived in a particular city for some time, it is always a difficult day when the time comes to pack your bags and move out. Anxiety levels are known to skyrocket and all in all, people tend to wish that they’d have had a less stressful experience. Some smart people out there do realize that a home or office move is beyond their capabilities and choose to call in someone with the necessary expertise and training. But there are a few things that one can do before hiring packing and moving services to assist them in their shifting.

Sorting: Most people around us do have this habit of collecting and holding onto things, long after they’ve outgrown them. Some even believe that it is a generic human tendency that non-believers simply scoff at. Whatever the reason, it is certain that the pre-move preparation time is a great opportunity to shed off that excess stuff.

Packing: There are a few people who tend to put off packing till the last moment. Not only does this practice add to the stress levels, it also increases the chances of missing out on important belongings. The best way to get around this is by starting to pack comfortably ahead of the actual moving date. This way, one can check and recheck, thereby minimizing the chances of forgetting something behind.

Disposal: Once the sorting is done and packing gets underway, there are bound to be belongings that must be disposed off. These may include stuff that has outgrown its utility, is obsolete, too impractical to move and so on. The socially responsible way to get rid off this stuff is by donating the belongings to the needy. The blessings from the beneficiaries of your generosity are sure to come handy eventually. What’s left behind may then be raffled off, perhaps through a garage sale. After all, what’s junk for one can be useful for the other. If there are still leftovers, the friendly neighbourhood recyclers should be happy to take them off you. Any cash generated through disposal can go on to subsidize the cost of the move.

In-spite of all the necessary precautions; one might end up needing extra storage space for their surplus belongings. In such instances, ask around for a reliable storage facility in the vicinity. They would be glad to extend their services to those in need.

So good luck and happy moving!


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