8 August 2012

Removals Companies – Boon or Bane

The opinions are sharply divided whenever the topic veers to the thorny issue of the relevance of removals companies in this day and age. One camp that is keen to lay low the claims of services providers is the DIY camp.

Hugely independent and filled with enthusiasm, such people are easy to identify. They usually are of the opinion that every professional service provider out there is merely in the business to make money off their poor customers. They pride themselves on their meticulousness and the fact that they can always reach out to their loosely-defined community of fellow enthusiasts. They are great at coming up with home-grown solutions and are often found to be spreading the word on them.

They scoff at the other camp, refusing to believe in the merits of their arguments. Of the opinion that commercial mover’s services offer nothing comprehensively better for the rates charged by operators.

For all the criticism heaped upon them, moving companies do have a lot going in their favour. The DIY spirit is something that’s to be respected, but it does come across as a little misplaced when dealing with house removals. Many people when reflecting upon their moving experiences tend to relate a lot to terms such as anxious and stress. These usually tend to be those that have succumbed to the call of their DIY spirit. On the other hand, those that do hire the services of a professional moving services unit tend to be quite relaxed about their experience.

Common points that have been observed in this group of people have all revolved round the preparedness of the moving crew, the availability of quality moving equipment and the peace-of-mind factor. While a DIY team may affect a highly limited number of moves, a professional moving outfit breathes and lives house removals. This makes the latter highly efficient at their job, through experience and periodic training in the latest removal advances. They also have better access to the latest equipment and tools that not only make moving safer, it also improves the speed at which the job is wrapped up. Lastly, having a professional house removal crew frees up family members from a stressful situation and facilitates the refocusing on other important tasks.

With the nitty-gritty’s being laid bare, it is easy to see which solution is in the lead. However, at the end of the day, it is those undergoing the removals that are the ones in position to make the best choice for them. So, whatever the choice, do remember that in the end, all that matters is that it is a happy move.


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