6 September 2012

Five Easy Guidelines to identify a good moving and packing company

Moving home is an anxiety filled time for the most seasoned of residence hopping veterans and anyone who claims otherwise is usually underplaying their emotions. There’s plenty of evidence out there on house moves gone bad. In some cases, the movers came, packed up every last bit of the customers stuff and were never to be seen again. In others, the moving guys decided to give themselves a spontaneous hike in their wages just after loading up the customers’ belongings in their truck. Pretty much every variation of all the known tricks and then some more have been pulled on unsuspecting customers. They have gone on to lose their money, belongings and had their trust shattered forever.

In most cases of a move gone bad, chances are that these customers are bound to report of having been lured by the website of the rogue mover. Sadly, anyone with a half decent budget and some basic know how can design a snazzy website whose sole purpose is to lure unsuspecting victims. But, it is incorrect to brand the entire industry on the basis of a few bad elements. There are plenty of packers and movers who have earned their reputation through their stellar performance over the years.

Honest moving and packing companies can be identified through a five easy guidelines that they all seem to follow. Some among these are listed below as follows:

  1. Professionally managed moving companies usually conduct an on-site inspection before giving a quote. They avoid making blind quotes and other too-good-to-believe offers

  2. The terms of payment are discussed and agreed to beforehand. There are no deviations in terms of cash demands and their ilk, midway through the execution of the contract

  3. Reputed moving and packing companies tend to have local or regional offices in the areas where they are operational

  4. Every move is ‘incident free’ till such time as something goes wrong. This is why, good movers offer ‘moving insurance’ to their customers. Many would question such a move, but it is indeed a safety net for the customer

  5. From equipment and moving vans wearing company branding to well-furnished offices are some tell-tale signs that the mover of choice is a genuine one and not some hole in the wall setup

Of-course, it takes a lot more to have a successful movers business. Years of quality work together with putting customer delight at the heart of the operations are the hallmarks of some of the best moving companies out there. So, the next time there comes a chance to choose, do take the time to verify the claims made on a company website. It may just mean the difference between a nightmare and a happy move.


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