18 December 2013

Tips to select the right storage unit – Size does matter

Often, you buy a storage unit for rent without even giving it a thought either for personal or professional purposes. However, the first and foremost thing that you ought to determine is your actual need and purpose. There may be times when you won’t actually require a storage unit by sorting things intelligently in your own home or office.

And during other times, you may want to store a vehicle or a horde of business documents and books. So that’s when you need to make a plan to select the right sized storage unit. If it’s too small, then your things will get all cluttered and if it’s too large then you will find ample of empty space. In either case, there is wastage of time, money and space. The below mentioned tips will let you select the right storage unit to suit all your needs.

1.See if you actually need a storage unit - Firstly, try to sort things by yourself. And if you really think a storage unit is required, then make the decision of buying a storage unit for rent.

2.Make a note of your real needs - If you have a lot of old furniture that you don’t wish to lose, you can buy a larger unit for rent especially because there are many things to be stuffed inside. A larger room will store your furniture properly and protect it from scratches and other glitches.

3.Keep a check on your smaller needs -
Storage units are generally available in a range of sizes right from very small to very large. If there’s just a thing or two to be stowed, you can comfortably take up a very small storage unit as you will save on your money also this way.

4.Negotiate with the storage provider -
If you think two smaller units can store your goods properly instead of one large unit, then that’s a good idea too. Sometimes two smaller units may serve the purpose as well as be easy on the pockets rather than one large unit. You can negotiate with your storage provider and select the right storage facility for yourself.
Keep the above tips in mind and select the right sized storage unit for your needs.

20 November 2013

6 tips for storing rice the right way

Often you see that rice gets spoil due to insects and pests. This is one reason why you need to store rice the right way. Below mentioned tips will tell you how to keep rice free of infestation by pests:

1.Expose the rice to sunlight -
After bringing home rice from the market, expose the rice to sunlight. Spread the rice in a clean sheet in front of sunlight. This will help to remove the moisture from the rice which will in turn keep it protected from pests and other bacteria.

2.Put dry leaves or dry chilies into the rice -
Put some dry leaves of neem or bay into the rice so that it is free of insects. This is an age old practice in which leaves are used for protecting the rice. You can even use dry chilies; however, make sure that these are kept in a separate bag so that the flavor doesn’t spread through the rice.

3.Remove the air from the rice -
Every creature needs air for survival. Without air, the insects will die. Therefore place the rice in a dry place and in vacuum sealed bags that will ensure that the rice is free of insects.

4.Buy rice in small quantities throughout the year -
Though buying rice in advance for the entire year is a good option, there are full chances of infestation due to the changing weather. Therefore it makes complete sense to buy rice in small quantities throughout the year that will protect the rice from any kind of infestation.

5.Store the rice in a cool and dry place-
For this, you could use plastic containers to store the rice and thus stop air or moisture from entering the containers in any possible way.

6.Exchange the rice you bought for a fresh pack -
In case you find that the rice you’ve just purchased has become infested, it is best to exchange it with the seller for a new pack of rice.

21 October 2013

Importance of security for your computer back up

Most of us, very intelligently make sure that we have a back up of all the files on a PC. But did you know that hackers are very skillful at breaking through such back up storage's and stealing all of the information? This is where importance of security for your computer back up storage comes up.

Home -
If you have a PC at home, you may be having all sorts of important things stored in that. Right from your photos, videos to all your important word files, everything will be destroyed if it is hacked.  You will be left in a helpless situation wherein you cannot retrieve anything back and you have to endure huge losses in the process. 

Office - 
Along the same lines, if you are an office person, all your important information that’s stored in the database will get lost if a hacker sets his sights on it. Such kind of database loss can lead to extreme losses not just monetarily but intellectually as well.

Fake connections – 
In some cases, people use an external service provider as their backup source. However hackers are very smart people. Though external sources are generally considered safe, hackers have the ability to break through them by posing as middle-men.  In such a situation, some of the files may be getting transferred to the hacker instead of the external source. Therefore security is needed even when you’re using an external connection.  In fact, the security needs to be full proof and carefully set up so that any sort of fake connections can be detected and rectified on time.

Generally people use a backup system for safety. But you need to understand that securing your backup system is even more important as you rely on it for all your digital as well as physical needs.

24 September 2013

Manage, Store, Organise Your Handbags

Almost every woman has bags and shoes. What’s more, no matter how many she has, she still yearns for some more. She wants clutches and flats, purses and stilettos, totes and wedges, grocery bags and boots, and the list is endless. But with the growing number of bags and shoes, it becomes extremely difficult to find storage space, doesn’t it? And let us admit, we all have at some point or the other made an effort to clear out stuff to make space for bags and ended up with more clutter than usual. You sure don’t want your handbags to be stashed away at the bottom of a closet, amassing dust, and losing their shape. Read the tips given below and give your bags the space to breathe.

1. How about keeping one inside each other? This way, you can have clutches in a purse, purses in a tote, etc. The idea here is to go from the smallest size to the biggest one.

2. A chest. You have stored toys and books in these, how about trying bags? It can act as the ideal storage space, and can be used for sitting as well. Don’t worry about spoiling the shape of the bag, as you can always stuff them with tissue paper, craft paper, or even old napkins can do the trick. Besides, this will make them look neater, and will help in making them stand upright.

3.  Make use of hooks to store bags. They are easy to install in either the closet or you can even hammer a nail in the wall and hang them up. They make an attractive display too.

4. The basic act of shelving. You do tend to forget the basic steps when there are other ideas, don’t you? Handbags are best stacked upright on shelves. You can make use of shelf dividers for the additional support.

5. If you have more of clutches and totes, you can always opt for drawers and baskets. They are easily visible and won’t take up a lot of space either.

Whatever you do, keep one thing in mind; they need to be easy to reach because once out of sight, out of mind!

27 August 2013

Why You Need To Switch To Document Scanning?

Time has changed. Technology has gotten the better of us all. However, it is saddening to know that even in this modern day and time; several companies still heavily depend upon paper for most of their needs and requirements. For a case in point, they have important documents and credentials, bills, accounts, valuable data related to the company, etc. No matter how much one tries, paper, at one point or the other becomes very difficult to manage and organise. 

With time the ink on it starts to fade, the paper begins to tear, and there are photocopies taken, which adds more paper to the already existing stack. This, directly or indirectly begins to affect the efficiency of the work place. After all, it takes an extra effort and time, so as to retrieve and store data. Certainly, storing data on paper is a tiresome task as well as an uneconomical way to manage data. Luckily, there is still time to make changes in our daily lives, and this is precisely where scanning services can be of immense help.

Embrace environment:  The need for paper is one of the primary reasons behind deforestation. The more paper we use, the more we pollute the earth, and cause disharmony. If we cut down on the usage of paper we save ourselves from green house too.

Safety and security: No paperwork comes with complete assurance of being confidential. Papers go through different set of hands before they reach their right recipient. However, when you use digital archiving systems, you completely eliminate the middlemen. When you go digital, it is either you, or there are only a few set of people who are granted the authority to change your privacy settings. This way, you keep things confidential and private.

Save money: The price you pay to store data on paper is a lot more expensive than storing it digitally. After all, you have to spend on paper, ink refills, printing machines, make space, etc; whereas, when you go digital it is saved on your laptop/ desktop, and you can access it as and when you like.

Convenience: Digitalization is user friendly and a lot more organized. Scanning increases efficiency by making the transfer of documents more smooth and saves you time from looking through a thousand paper files in search of one.

25 July 2013

5 Brilliant Shoe Ideas to Make Space

You come home tired after the day’s ordeal; you fling your shoes away to a place that has some free space, take a bath, grab a bite and off to bed. Next morning you’re in a hurry, you’re running late for college or work, and you just can’t seem to find your shoes! Sounds like an everyday story, doesn’t it? What you need is optimum utilisation of space. Na na don’t underestimate the idea. The strategies given below are a lot more handy and convenient than you can imagine! And trust me you’d definitely love each one of them.

1.    A shoe rack is easy to install and uninstall. It is economical and doesn't take up any floor space simply because it is not necessarily in front of your main door. They can be kept under the bed, over the door or cupboard, etc. They come with shelves for easy access.

2.    Ever thought of a rotating shoe rack? It is a beautiful idea for those who feel they don’t have the storage room. All you need is a wooden disc or more, along with a metallic rod to hold the discs and hey presto! You have made space for quite a lot of your shoes without having to redecorate your room or occupying too much space.

3.    A fruit box or a carton can be used. All you need to do is colour them up a bit, and if need be; decorate it, and voila you have a stunning shoe rack. Storage space is very little as you can even hang them up against a wall.

4.    If you have pointed heel shoes a good idea would be hanging them up on a ladder. It is a cool substitute to conventional shelving. You can either row them up or hang them one step each.

5.    You may have a cabinet at home that has been lying in one corner and has not been used for years now. Make use of it. To make it look attractive, you can replace the wooden or plastic doors with glass. This way, it will be easily visible as well.
So, use your creativity and make that much needed space for your valuable shoes! All the best!

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28 June 2013

Pros and Cons of DIY and Moving Company

When you are moving, you may find yourself anxious and confused whether to do it yourself or call for moving company in Bahrain. Therefore, do your research, and accordingly find out what suits your needs and requirements the best.

Pros of a moving company: A moving company will be ideal if you wish to move all your household belongings. Nevertheless, if it is a matter of a few belongings, you may not really feel the need. You will be free from the responsibility of packing, loading, transporting, as well as moving your items. This way, you will be assured of safety and security and be at peace too. Additionally, there are times when the movers and packers can provide you with insurance as well. Thus, you can be reimbursed if there happens to be any mishap whilst transporting goods from one place to the other. In any case, they are professionals who are doing it, and they cannot go wrong.

Cons of a relocation company: Quite frankly, you’d never regret hiring movers and packers. However, if there really has to be a disadvantage, it could be the costs you would incur. On the other hand, there are chances that you may get it lesser than what you would be paying individually.

Pros of a DIY move: If you can handle everything in an efficient manner then a do-it- yourself is certainly going to be a rewarding experience. This is because you are not a professional and may go wrong when moving. In some cases, this can help you save a considerable amount of money. Conversely, if you do not happen to have a moving van or a truck it may be a tad bit difficult transporting stuff and you may end up paying extra when hiring a vehicle.

Cons of a do-it- yourself move: You are not a professional, and thus very prone to either damaging goods or packing it all wrong. Besides, a do-it- yourself move will take a lot more of your time and effort. It is not as easy as it seems. There is packing, loading, unloading, unpacking to do. Also, you have to be systematic and organized with your belongings, have a checklist ready with you, take the help of family, friends, neighbours. It takes a toll on your health, affecting you physically and mentally. 

Therefore, plan efficiently and do what you feel best. You don’t want to regret your decision later.

30 May 2013

The Need for Record Management

As a company expands, so does its needs and requirements. The staff increases, paper work is added, etc. Managing office documents is a taxing and time-consuming job. A lot of people spend a considerable amount of their working hours rummaging through the scores of papers and files. If files are to be found easily one should make sure that they are allotted specific places and sorted accordingly. When one has to time and again delve through them, it only wastes time and lessens the productivity level. In times like these, document archiving helps.

When you practice record management you can handle your work efficiently and effectively. The process involves you to store your documents either in an electronic or external device like a computer or CD. It is ideal for those who know that they have to manage huge amounts of paperwork on a daily basis. For instance, you work with an insurance company. Thus, you deal with a lot of paper work, and you need to save each of these files and documents for future references. At one point or the other it is going to be difficult to fit in all of them in your filing cabinets and drawers. It will only make the work place look like a huge store of papers that have been piling up. Therefore, it is advisable that people like you and others make use of large storage facilities that provide you with an option of document archiving. The process is economical, easily reachable, controlled, and eco-friendly.

Similarly, document imaging is the process of scanning paper documents and converting them into digital images. It allows you to stock up the digital images resourcefully on a hard drive, an external drive, CD, or even on the Internet. 

Besides, you are given an alternative to either keep the copies with you or give it to the storage company for an emergency backup. This way, you can save the business budget by saving on paper, ink, staff, as well as physical storage space. Furthermore, even other colleagues can view a document from a different location at the same time. Thus, making work a lot easier and convenient for one and all. So, if you are thinking of giving your business a well thought-out archiving system, make sure you give it a try to the services offered by document managing firms.

25 April 2013

How Do I Choose The Right Storage Company?

You may be having a lot of stuff that needs to be stored. You tried to cut down on a few things to make space for the new items; however it has been a failed attempt. You don’t want to part with more things because you think you may need them. What do you do in times like these? Well, you put them in storage, but then again, what are the things that should be taken care of before you find a unit that you can trust? All these doubts need to be answered, and this is the page that will answer it all. Read on.

Finding a trustworthy storage company is not a piece of cake. It needs careful evaluation before you make the decision of moving your stuff. Because, once the payment has been made and the stuff stacked, you will only get to visit it when you are in need of the items. Therefore, keep an eye, to make sure the company chosen is a reputed one and is reliable. It would be easier and a lot more convenient if you take a place that is close to home or office.

Secondly, take a look at the things you intend to put into the storeroom. In view of that, you will get an idea of the size of the unit you want to lease and will be able to decide on the type of a storage unit you will need. Besides, see to it that it has not been stacked completely, as you may end up damaging belongings in case you are to get to the other corner of the room.

Thirdly, see if there are any items you will be storing, temperature sensitive? In that case, you would need climate-controlled storage facilities. Along with this, make sure the company has a good security system and if possible provides you with insurance. If it doesn't, ensure that you know how much it would cost to include it, or consider buying insurance from them.

Follow these three extremely vital tips along with a little bit of homework and you'll hopefully be able to find a reasonably priced storage company that works for you. Good luck!

13 February 2013

Valuable Tips to Store and Organise Your Home

Come holidays, come clutter. There are several occasions that we celebrate, which bring in a lot of fancy and decorative items, and good care must be taken to keep the house neat and tidy. You along with your family members can use the following holiday storage tips to cut down the mess.

1. Sort out your stuff: Begin with cleaning one room at a time. Empty the cupboards and cabinets and sort out all the stuff. One category could be the things that you won’t need for the time being, which can be given away to the storage units. Similarly, the other set could be your basic items that will be of prime use and can be packed in various boxes.

2. Shelf it up: Once you have sorted your items you will realise that you are already out of space, and your cupboards are already spilling over. However, if you have a few well-placed shelves you can make a lot of room to store your belongings. Besides, shelves are just the thing for stuff that you will use often letting you easily access whatever is needed without having to disrupt other things.

3. Label your items: Be sure to tag the boxes, even if you are making use of plastic containers for storage. We tend to lose small items often, so it is always easy to store them in one fixed place. You can make use of shoeboxes to keep adhesive tapes, ribbons, streamers, rubber bands, pins and clips in one box.

4. One thing at a time: One very important holiday storage tip is to keep the fridge organised. It may surprise you, but believe me holidays are all about food items. You will find chips, cookies, leftover dinner, juices, etc. Your refrigerator is bound to overflow. Keep it organized and you can make the most of your food without having to throw away anything.

Cleaning up the house is not possible in a day’s time. You need a lot of patience and of course help from other family members. After all, proper storage will help you know exactly where your decorations are stored as and when you need them.

2 January 2013

Storage Solutions for One and All

Do you find it hard to get organised? Do you frequently find yourself lost amidst documents? If you have often seen your boss smirk because of your messy and jumbled desk, long-forgotten files, etc. then its time you get organised. The main aim of this article is to see your New Year start on a fresh note by clearing up the mess on your desk along with the useless icons on your desktop.

Given below are some of the tips you can apply and refurbish your office in a whole new way. And you can do all of them with the help of simple storage solutions. There is no specific time or date that you need to follow; you can do it as per your own time and convenience.

First and foremost, start with removing the stuff you would not need. There is no point in keeping junk items and documents when you are not going to even use them. The rest of the items can be stored in a warehouse or in boxes and containers. If you find the room space less; you can always opt for storage units, to store the tiniest of articles to the heavy tools and equipment.

You may even want to do away with all the old furnishings, which require more space, by simply setting up trendy office furnishings that will help save room.

Furthermore, once the records and credentials are done away with, you can start to wipe your desktop. You can also remove all of those items from the desktop that are not used on a daily basis, but are simply occupying space. These could be in the form of old and redundant files, pictures, and projects. You could create folders and store them separately for an easy access.

Keeping a spic and span office can add to your efficiency and enhance your productivity.