13 February 2013

Valuable Tips to Store and Organise Your Home

Come holidays, come clutter. There are several occasions that we celebrate, which bring in a lot of fancy and decorative items, and good care must be taken to keep the house neat and tidy. You along with your family members can use the following holiday storage tips to cut down the mess.

1. Sort out your stuff: Begin with cleaning one room at a time. Empty the cupboards and cabinets and sort out all the stuff. One category could be the things that you won’t need for the time being, which can be given away to the storage units. Similarly, the other set could be your basic items that will be of prime use and can be packed in various boxes.

2. Shelf it up: Once you have sorted your items you will realise that you are already out of space, and your cupboards are already spilling over. However, if you have a few well-placed shelves you can make a lot of room to store your belongings. Besides, shelves are just the thing for stuff that you will use often letting you easily access whatever is needed without having to disrupt other things.

3. Label your items: Be sure to tag the boxes, even if you are making use of plastic containers for storage. We tend to lose small items often, so it is always easy to store them in one fixed place. You can make use of shoeboxes to keep adhesive tapes, ribbons, streamers, rubber bands, pins and clips in one box.

4. One thing at a time: One very important holiday storage tip is to keep the fridge organised. It may surprise you, but believe me holidays are all about food items. You will find chips, cookies, leftover dinner, juices, etc. Your refrigerator is bound to overflow. Keep it organized and you can make the most of your food without having to throw away anything.

Cleaning up the house is not possible in a day’s time. You need a lot of patience and of course help from other family members. After all, proper storage will help you know exactly where your decorations are stored as and when you need them.


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