25 July 2013

5 Brilliant Shoe Ideas to Make Space

You come home tired after the day’s ordeal; you fling your shoes away to a place that has some free space, take a bath, grab a bite and off to bed. Next morning you’re in a hurry, you’re running late for college or work, and you just can’t seem to find your shoes! Sounds like an everyday story, doesn’t it? What you need is optimum utilisation of space. Na na don’t underestimate the idea. The strategies given below are a lot more handy and convenient than you can imagine! And trust me you’d definitely love each one of them.

1.    A shoe rack is easy to install and uninstall. It is economical and doesn't take up any floor space simply because it is not necessarily in front of your main door. They can be kept under the bed, over the door or cupboard, etc. They come with shelves for easy access.

2.    Ever thought of a rotating shoe rack? It is a beautiful idea for those who feel they don’t have the storage room. All you need is a wooden disc or more, along with a metallic rod to hold the discs and hey presto! You have made space for quite a lot of your shoes without having to redecorate your room or occupying too much space.

3.    A fruit box or a carton can be used. All you need to do is colour them up a bit, and if need be; decorate it, and voila you have a stunning shoe rack. Storage space is very little as you can even hang them up against a wall.

4.    If you have pointed heel shoes a good idea would be hanging them up on a ladder. It is a cool substitute to conventional shelving. You can either row them up or hang them one step each.

5.    You may have a cabinet at home that has been lying in one corner and has not been used for years now. Make use of it. To make it look attractive, you can replace the wooden or plastic doors with glass. This way, it will be easily visible as well.
So, use your creativity and make that much needed space for your valuable shoes! All the best!

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