24 September 2013

Manage, Store, Organise Your Handbags

Almost every woman has bags and shoes. What’s more, no matter how many she has, she still yearns for some more. She wants clutches and flats, purses and stilettos, totes and wedges, grocery bags and boots, and the list is endless. But with the growing number of bags and shoes, it becomes extremely difficult to find storage space, doesn’t it? And let us admit, we all have at some point or the other made an effort to clear out stuff to make space for bags and ended up with more clutter than usual. You sure don’t want your handbags to be stashed away at the bottom of a closet, amassing dust, and losing their shape. Read the tips given below and give your bags the space to breathe.

1. How about keeping one inside each other? This way, you can have clutches in a purse, purses in a tote, etc. The idea here is to go from the smallest size to the biggest one.

2. A chest. You have stored toys and books in these, how about trying bags? It can act as the ideal storage space, and can be used for sitting as well. Don’t worry about spoiling the shape of the bag, as you can always stuff them with tissue paper, craft paper, or even old napkins can do the trick. Besides, this will make them look neater, and will help in making them stand upright.

3.  Make use of hooks to store bags. They are easy to install in either the closet or you can even hammer a nail in the wall and hang them up. They make an attractive display too.

4. The basic act of shelving. You do tend to forget the basic steps when there are other ideas, don’t you? Handbags are best stacked upright on shelves. You can make use of shelf dividers for the additional support.

5. If you have more of clutches and totes, you can always opt for drawers and baskets. They are easily visible and won’t take up a lot of space either.

Whatever you do, keep one thing in mind; they need to be easy to reach because once out of sight, out of mind!


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