21 October 2013

Importance of security for your computer back up

Most of us, very intelligently make sure that we have a back up of all the files on a PC. But did you know that hackers are very skillful at breaking through such back up storage's and stealing all of the information? This is where importance of security for your computer back up storage comes up.

Home -
If you have a PC at home, you may be having all sorts of important things stored in that. Right from your photos, videos to all your important word files, everything will be destroyed if it is hacked.  You will be left in a helpless situation wherein you cannot retrieve anything back and you have to endure huge losses in the process. 

Office - 
Along the same lines, if you are an office person, all your important information that’s stored in the database will get lost if a hacker sets his sights on it. Such kind of database loss can lead to extreme losses not just monetarily but intellectually as well.

Fake connections – 
In some cases, people use an external service provider as their backup source. However hackers are very smart people. Though external sources are generally considered safe, hackers have the ability to break through them by posing as middle-men.  In such a situation, some of the files may be getting transferred to the hacker instead of the external source. Therefore security is needed even when you’re using an external connection.  In fact, the security needs to be full proof and carefully set up so that any sort of fake connections can be detected and rectified on time.

Generally people use a backup system for safety. But you need to understand that securing your backup system is even more important as you rely on it for all your digital as well as physical needs.


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