20 November 2013

6 tips for storing rice the right way

Often you see that rice gets spoil due to insects and pests. This is one reason why you need to store rice the right way. Below mentioned tips will tell you how to keep rice free of infestation by pests:

1.Expose the rice to sunlight -
After bringing home rice from the market, expose the rice to sunlight. Spread the rice in a clean sheet in front of sunlight. This will help to remove the moisture from the rice which will in turn keep it protected from pests and other bacteria.

2.Put dry leaves or dry chilies into the rice -
Put some dry leaves of neem or bay into the rice so that it is free of insects. This is an age old practice in which leaves are used for protecting the rice. You can even use dry chilies; however, make sure that these are kept in a separate bag so that the flavor doesn’t spread through the rice.

3.Remove the air from the rice -
Every creature needs air for survival. Without air, the insects will die. Therefore place the rice in a dry place and in vacuum sealed bags that will ensure that the rice is free of insects.

4.Buy rice in small quantities throughout the year -
Though buying rice in advance for the entire year is a good option, there are full chances of infestation due to the changing weather. Therefore it makes complete sense to buy rice in small quantities throughout the year that will protect the rice from any kind of infestation.

5.Store the rice in a cool and dry place-
For this, you could use plastic containers to store the rice and thus stop air or moisture from entering the containers in any possible way.

6.Exchange the rice you bought for a fresh pack -
In case you find that the rice you’ve just purchased has become infested, it is best to exchange it with the seller for a new pack of rice.


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