30 December 2014

Resolutions that will keep your closet clutter-free in the New Year

- For every new clothing item I buy, I will dispose of another item from my closet

- This New Year, I will dispose of any clothing I have not worn in the past year.

- If you do not like how something looks on you, you will dispose it no matter how much you've spent on it.

- Get new items altered immediately.

- If there is a piece of clothing that doesn't fit you well or needs repairs, you will get it alerted/repaired immediately.

- Organize your closet every week and deep clean it every 3 months.

How to dispose of items:
You can do one of these things: Donate, sell or throw in the trash.

Another great option for seasonal items is that you can put them in storage. You can store items that are out of season or special occasion items.

You might not use that expensive fur coat all year, but it is an investment that will last you a life time. Also you should not let it take too much space in your closet. This problem can be easily solved by renting a storage unit and putting all seasonal and expensive items in storage. Also fur and leather requires climate-controlled and humidity-controlled storage conditions to keep them looking their best for a long time.

Image courtesy: speedcleaning.com

27 November 2014

3 Alternative Uses of Bubble Wrap

If you thought bubble wrap could only be used for packing, we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong.

Bubble wrap has a few fun alternative uses that we will be talking about in this blog post:

Stress Relief:

Can you think of a better way of releasing stress than popping bubble wrap? Keep some bubble wrap handy next to your office desk and get popping whenever the pressure gets too much.

On Windows for Insulation:

Bubble wrap can be great for insulating your home from the cold and heat. Spray some water on your window and paste the bubble wrap on the window with the squishy side facing the window. Use dupt tape to make the edges stick. Bubble wrap does not dim the light that enters the house and if you use binds to cover the windows, the bubble wrap will not be noticed at all.

Bubble Wrap Painting:

Can you paint with bubble wrap? The answer is yes! Spread some paint on the squishy side of the bubble wrap and press that side against paper and you will get a unique print on paper.

Thinking of getting creative with bubble wrap? Find bubble wrap at great prices at our store.

Let us know in comments if you know of any more interesting things to do with bubble wrap.

Image courtesy: blommi, loop, pinterest.

29 October 2014

Say goodbye to cobwebs with our Halloween Storage Ideas

Trick or Treat?

Halloween is the occasion for spreading joy, a little fear and lots of treats. With the festival around the corner, we are sure you have gotten your decorations and costumes out of storage and are ready to scare. But before you put them back in storage again here are a few tips to ensure that you store them safely for years to come.

1. Don't cram all your decorations and costumes in one box. Leave some breathing space so that the costumes do not lose their shape. We are sure you have invested a lot of time and money in your Halloween costumes. Show them some love and care by storing them in boxes and keeping them away from dust, moisture and pests all year round.

2. You can order packing materials to store your Halloween decorations and costumes at home. Make sure to wrap the delicate decorations in bubble wrap before you pack them.

3. If you are not so sure that you will be able to care for the Halloween boxes all year round, you could opt for our Personal Storage solutions. Our storage units are regularly maintained to be free of dirt and dust and insecticide is sprayed regularly to keep pests away.

4. Label the boxes so that you know what they contain and you don't have to rummage through boxes when Halloween arrives next year.

Happy Halloween from everyone here at The Box.

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29 September 2014

Tips on when to use Temperature Controlled Units

If you have too many valuable possessions, but little space at home to put them, then you most probably have thought of renting a storage unit.

A lot of our customers use our services because they are short on storage and because our excellent customer service enables them access to their item at their convenience.

There are a few items that could be at risk if one fails to rent out a climate controlled unit. Here is a list of such items:

1. Fur
2. Furniture
3. Antiques
4. Musical instruments
5. Vintage cars   
6. Bedding and Mattresses
7. Sports equipment
8. Books and other documents
9. Photographs
10. Artwork and paintings

Image Credit: infiniteselfstorage.com
Temperature and humidity are controlled in climate controlled storage vaults and damage that is caused to these fragile items can be avoided by storing them in optimum conditions.

One good tip is to search for storage providers that control humidity by using dehumidifiers. Air conditioners may be successful in cooling the air but they cannot bring the moisture levels low enough so that it is optimum for storage.

You might not need storage if you are storing items for a month or two. But if you plan to store any of the following items for a longer period of time, we strongly advise you to use climate controlled storage units.

A lot of our customers are expensive and irreplaceable items in our vaults; items that they are attached to sentimentally and they do not mind paying a premium to ensure that its stays in premium condition throughout its storage period.

Do you think you might need temperature-controlled storage vaults? Send us a query here if you think that you do.

26 August 2014

4 ways to use Hooks and Hangers to make more Space in your Closet

It is harder to make more space in your closet without sacrificing on precious space in your bedroom. But maybe with a few handy tricks, we can help you organise your closet better and make it clutter free. Have a look!

Hang all your tank tops in one place with a nifty hanger:
Save oodles of spacewith this little tick. Tank tops don’t take much space anyway and now you can keep them all in one place with this wardrobe hack.

Image Credit: lifedesigncraft.blogspot.in

Hang your boots up!
Boots are so pretty and we know you agree. But they take up too much wardrobe space and it is not possible to fold them either. Use this trick to hang your boots up and style and keep the mud off the floor. Devote a little space in your closet to hangers with little clips which can be used to put up the boots.

Image Credit: dumpaday.com

Knobs make pretty and useful hooks:
You know those hooks at the back of your closet? You can replace them with cute little knobs and use them to hang your belts, bags or scarves. This can also be done with hooks on the wall, behind the door or those in the bathroom.

Image Credit: europeanchicdesign.blogspot.in

A curved hanger goes a long way:
Take a thin metal hanger. Then bend and snap off the horizontal wire at the bottom. Finally curve the hands upwards. Voila! You have your own shoe hanger ready. You can use this to band flip-flops and light weight sandals in your closet. It takes very little space and keeps the shoes organized.

Image Credit: lifehacker.com

We hope that these tips have helped you to optimize the space in your closet. If you still feel that your closet is cluttered, then store your off-season clothes in our self-storage units. We also offer climate controlled storage units for your delicate winter wear. Log on to our website www.storagebahrain.com to know more about self-storage options.

31 July 2014

4 Tips that will Keep the Office Clutter in Control

Your work space might be cleaned regularly, but you will find that after a while, your office space falls in a natural state of disorder.  Here are some simple tips to make sure that your office stays neat and tidy at all times.

1) Whenever you feel like your office space is cluttered, tidy up immediately! There is no magic in, 'I'll do it later.'

Source: nadinemerkulova.livejournal.com

2) When you receive new mail, open it over a garbage can, and drop the envelopes in the garbage can immediately.

Source: printmag.com

3) Get a bill binder for organizing all your bills. Bills usually stay on desk space and take up a lot of space. Whenever you get a new bill, put it in the bill binder.

Source: mirandabee.com

4) Spend 5 minutes at the end of the day organizing your office space. You will feel great next morning, when you enter a clean and tidy workspace.

Source: unchartedparent.com

These simple tips can help you keep the clutter under control. But if you have extra furniture in your office or computers that you are not using anymore, you can store them in a storage vault. Visit www.storagebahrain.com for our office storing services.

16 May 2014

Affordable Storage Units - A Feasible Option

When Andy changed his job in Bahrain, he had to change his apartment as well because it was his previous company’s owned apartment.  Now with a change of job, Andy also got a new apartment to stay in at. But like many others, besides the problem of packing, re-locating and shifting, he also faced a problem of what to do with some of the things that he did not require then.

He did not want to sell them as he felt that they might be useful later on. But keeping an extra cupboard, master-bed and a few other things at his new home was not possible due to space constraints.  It was then a friend suggested to him that he should opt for a storage unit. Andy had some reservations about storage units and rightly so. He had no idea about the expenditure involved while renting a storage unit, so he called up a few storage units nearby his new residence and was surprised to find that they were not as expensive as he thought them to be. 

Source: handyspace.com
The next thing Andy did was to go to the storage unit and check them out. Andy went with his wife and both of them saw how the walls of the unit were well-maintained and damp-free. The lighting was adequate and the ceilings or the floorings did not have any cracks or leakages. They also questioned the security guards a few questions and once they were satisfied, Andy and his wife zeroed in on a small storage unit which according to the manager was sufficient to store everything that they did not need now.

Since both Andy and his wife were working, they did not get much time to pack things, so they called up the storage unit manager who surprisingly told them that he will send his team to do the packing and transporting at a nominal fee.  Andy was pleasantly surprised at the professional level of the packers & movers who packed everything neatly and in an organized manner.

He even oversaw how his goods were loaded and unloaded carefully at the storage unit with things stacked neatly and in order of his convenience. Andy also makes weekly trips to his storage unit and checks once in a while for his goods. He is very happy and satisfied with the services that he has chosen. You can use the services at effective prices too. Contact us for more details.

21 April 2014

Why Opting For Self Storage Is an Environmentally Friendly Step?

Self storage has become a way of life for most people in the recent days. Most
of the people choose storage units to reduce clutter in their homes and offices. Being organized has become the new way of living smart and most of the people seem to know this fact very well. However, you have not realized that by opting for storage, you are actually contributing a lot for the betterment of the environment as well. Read on to know more.

1.    The storage containers are environment-friendly - The storage containers used for shipping and storing the items are eco-friendly. They can be easily reused for other purposes and are made of energy saving materials too. The locks used for securing the containers have tamper free controls.

2.    You can increase the value of different products – You can choose to use temperature controlled containers that will keep all sorts of medical samples, meat and other frozen items in their best form for a long period of time. This in turn is good for the environment too as you are increasing the shelf life of different products in this way.

3.     You can reduce dirt from the surroundings – If you’re using these containers for shipping purposes, then you can give the required specifications to the company. The container will be painted and provided with ventilation accordingly. The base of the box is also designed to repel moisture and dust.

4.    Use of solar energy – If the storage unit you’re using is spacious enough to let sunlight in, that’s a natural form of light, then it can help you to save on a lot of natural resources and electricity.

5.    You can use a large storage unit instead of a number of smaller units – When you have a large storage unit, you can save on a lot of space rather than using many other smaller units. This can prove to be ideal when a lot of people come and stack their stuff up.

6.    The boxes can be stacked one above the other to conserve space – The boxes are generally made of cardboard and so they can be comfortably stacked one above the other to create space. The space generated can then be used for many environmental purposes.

These are some of the ways how storage can prove to be good for the environment.

24 March 2014

Tips to Store Candies - Tickle Your Sweet Tooth

Almost everyone has a sweet tooth. So wouldn’t it be great if you could make all the candies and chocolates last longer? Sweets generally lose their essence if not stored properly. Read on to get some tips on how to store candies.

Store them in the pantry – The pantry is the right place to store sweets. You can even stash all the cookies and candies in an airtight bag. You can refrigerate most of the sweets as well. However, make sure that they don’t get in touch with moisture in any way. There are some sweets that melt even in room temperature and so you need to refrigerate them. Some of them can even be stored in the freezer.

Wrap the candies in clear cellophane – Sweet items such as caramel, nuts and others need to first be wrapped in clear cellophane and then be stored in the fridge or the freezer. This material is used to combat moisture in every way as even a little dampness can ruin your entire tray of candies.

Do not mix up all the different kinds of candies – There are different kinds of candies available in the market. Right from the sticky ones to the dry and hard ones. However, mixing up all the candies can spoil them as certain types of candies give out moisture while a few others absorb it. Therefore, it’s never a good idea to mix up all the candies.

Do not freeze all the sweets – Not all sweets are meant to be stored in the freezer. Those which contain a lot of fruits and nuts should not be left in the frozen state. It is okay to store toffees and cookies for a specified amount of time, but long term storage should be avoided. It is always good to consume sweets and candies at the earliest.

Follow the above tips to store sweets and candies this season.

19 February 2014

Tips to Use Bubble Wrap for Packaging Objects

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of storing fragile items is bubble wrap. However, you have to use it in the right way to ensure that your belongings are packed optimally. Mentioned below are a few tips on how to use bubble wrap in the best possible way.

Let the bubbles face inward – There are many people who believe that the bubbles should face outward. However, that’s a wrong thing to do as the bubbles have to touch the area that needs protection. Therefore, you need to pack the object in such a way that the bubbles touch it and protect the item from bumps and hits.

Cover the item in paper or plastic before you use the bubble wrap – Sometimes the edges of the bubbles can lead to the formation of small plastic dots on the items. Though you can get rid of the dots by using a damp rag, you can still avoid them altogether. This can be done by covering the items in a plastic or paper bag before using the bubble wrap over them.

Tape the bubble wrapped item from all sides – Most of us only tape the area along the edges of the bubble wrap. However, this may cause the item to slip out from the top or the bottom of the bubble wrap. Hence it is important to tape the item from all sides after it has been bubble wrapped.

Use envelopes for things like CDs and books – You can keep things such as CDs and books in envelopes that are padded with bubble wrap. This will help the things to get sealed easily and then be opened comfortably.

Label the items properly – As the items are packed with several layers of bubble wrap, it can be difficult to see the packed object. Therefore, it is important to label all the items properly. Stick a small white paper on the exterior of the bubble wrapped object and label it accordingly.

Use the above mentioned tips to use bubble wrap in the right manner while packaging your stuff.

22 January 2014

Tips To File An Insurance Claim With Professional Packing Services

Your goods tend to get damaged during the loading and unloading process. That’s where an insurance comes into play. Before hiring any of the professional moving services, it is important to get all your valuables insured. But, in case, the company still ends up breaking or losing an object, here’s how you can file an insurance claim with them.

1. Make sure you sign an inventory sheet first – The inventory sheet is the list of all the items that need to be moved by the company. While filing an insurance claim, it is important that you have a proper inventory sheet in hand. Look at each and every item to see if it’s damaged in any way and file the claim accordingly.

2. Make sure you report the damage as soon as possible – If you take a long time to file a report or claim, it is likely to be rejected. You need to check the items as soon as they are unpacked and file a report on time. 

3. You need to file the claim within a span of nine months post delivery – It is always a good idea to file the claim early and not wait for the expiry date. The sooner you make the claim, the likelier it is to get all your things sorted in a proper way. 

4. Keep the number of days in mind - The mover has to receive the claim within 30 days, while he has to take the necessary action within 120 days of the registration of the complaint. However, remember that the process of accepting or declining the offer depends solely on the scenario and the insurance policy in question.

5. Make a claim based on the liability of the company – For example, if the total value of your goods is $2000, the company’s liability is also $2000. Therefore you cannot demand more than the total value incurred on your goods.

Follow these simple tips to make an insurance claim in case of any damage.