22 January 2014

Tips To File An Insurance Claim With Professional Packing Services

Your goods tend to get damaged during the loading and unloading process. That’s where an insurance comes into play. Before hiring any of the professional moving services, it is important to get all your valuables insured. But, in case, the company still ends up breaking or losing an object, here’s how you can file an insurance claim with them.

1. Make sure you sign an inventory sheet first – The inventory sheet is the list of all the items that need to be moved by the company. While filing an insurance claim, it is important that you have a proper inventory sheet in hand. Look at each and every item to see if it’s damaged in any way and file the claim accordingly.

2. Make sure you report the damage as soon as possible – If you take a long time to file a report or claim, it is likely to be rejected. You need to check the items as soon as they are unpacked and file a report on time. 

3. You need to file the claim within a span of nine months post delivery – It is always a good idea to file the claim early and not wait for the expiry date. The sooner you make the claim, the likelier it is to get all your things sorted in a proper way. 

4. Keep the number of days in mind - The mover has to receive the claim within 30 days, while he has to take the necessary action within 120 days of the registration of the complaint. However, remember that the process of accepting or declining the offer depends solely on the scenario and the insurance policy in question.

5. Make a claim based on the liability of the company – For example, if the total value of your goods is $2000, the company’s liability is also $2000. Therefore you cannot demand more than the total value incurred on your goods.

Follow these simple tips to make an insurance claim in case of any damage.


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