19 February 2014

Tips to Use Bubble Wrap for Packaging Objects

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of storing fragile items is bubble wrap. However, you have to use it in the right way to ensure that your belongings are packed optimally. Mentioned below are a few tips on how to use bubble wrap in the best possible way.

Let the bubbles face inward – There are many people who believe that the bubbles should face outward. However, that’s a wrong thing to do as the bubbles have to touch the area that needs protection. Therefore, you need to pack the object in such a way that the bubbles touch it and protect the item from bumps and hits.

Cover the item in paper or plastic before you use the bubble wrap – Sometimes the edges of the bubbles can lead to the formation of small plastic dots on the items. Though you can get rid of the dots by using a damp rag, you can still avoid them altogether. This can be done by covering the items in a plastic or paper bag before using the bubble wrap over them.

Tape the bubble wrapped item from all sides – Most of us only tape the area along the edges of the bubble wrap. However, this may cause the item to slip out from the top or the bottom of the bubble wrap. Hence it is important to tape the item from all sides after it has been bubble wrapped.

Use envelopes for things like CDs and books – You can keep things such as CDs and books in envelopes that are padded with bubble wrap. This will help the things to get sealed easily and then be opened comfortably.

Label the items properly – As the items are packed with several layers of bubble wrap, it can be difficult to see the packed object. Therefore, it is important to label all the items properly. Stick a small white paper on the exterior of the bubble wrapped object and label it accordingly.

Use the above mentioned tips to use bubble wrap in the right manner while packaging your stuff.


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