24 March 2014

Tips to Store Candies - Tickle Your Sweet Tooth

Almost everyone has a sweet tooth. So wouldn’t it be great if you could make all the candies and chocolates last longer? Sweets generally lose their essence if not stored properly. Read on to get some tips on how to store candies.

Store them in the pantry – The pantry is the right place to store sweets. You can even stash all the cookies and candies in an airtight bag. You can refrigerate most of the sweets as well. However, make sure that they don’t get in touch with moisture in any way. There are some sweets that melt even in room temperature and so you need to refrigerate them. Some of them can even be stored in the freezer.

Wrap the candies in clear cellophane – Sweet items such as caramel, nuts and others need to first be wrapped in clear cellophane and then be stored in the fridge or the freezer. This material is used to combat moisture in every way as even a little dampness can ruin your entire tray of candies.

Do not mix up all the different kinds of candies – There are different kinds of candies available in the market. Right from the sticky ones to the dry and hard ones. However, mixing up all the candies can spoil them as certain types of candies give out moisture while a few others absorb it. Therefore, it’s never a good idea to mix up all the candies.

Do not freeze all the sweets – Not all sweets are meant to be stored in the freezer. Those which contain a lot of fruits and nuts should not be left in the frozen state. It is okay to store toffees and cookies for a specified amount of time, but long term storage should be avoided. It is always good to consume sweets and candies at the earliest.

Follow the above tips to store sweets and candies this season.


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