16 May 2014

Affordable Storage Units - A Feasible Option

When Andy changed his job in Bahrain, he had to change his apartment as well because it was his previous company’s owned apartment.  Now with a change of job, Andy also got a new apartment to stay in at. But like many others, besides the problem of packing, re-locating and shifting, he also faced a problem of what to do with some of the things that he did not require then.

He did not want to sell them as he felt that they might be useful later on. But keeping an extra cupboard, master-bed and a few other things at his new home was not possible due to space constraints.  It was then a friend suggested to him that he should opt for a storage unit. Andy had some reservations about storage units and rightly so. He had no idea about the expenditure involved while renting a storage unit, so he called up a few storage units nearby his new residence and was surprised to find that they were not as expensive as he thought them to be. 

Source: handyspace.com
The next thing Andy did was to go to the storage unit and check them out. Andy went with his wife and both of them saw how the walls of the unit were well-maintained and damp-free. The lighting was adequate and the ceilings or the floorings did not have any cracks or leakages. They also questioned the security guards a few questions and once they were satisfied, Andy and his wife zeroed in on a small storage unit which according to the manager was sufficient to store everything that they did not need now.

Since both Andy and his wife were working, they did not get much time to pack things, so they called up the storage unit manager who surprisingly told them that he will send his team to do the packing and transporting at a nominal fee.  Andy was pleasantly surprised at the professional level of the packers & movers who packed everything neatly and in an organized manner.

He even oversaw how his goods were loaded and unloaded carefully at the storage unit with things stacked neatly and in order of his convenience. Andy also makes weekly trips to his storage unit and checks once in a while for his goods. He is very happy and satisfied with the services that he has chosen. You can use the services at effective prices too. Contact us for more details.


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