26 August 2014

4 ways to use Hooks and Hangers to make more Space in your Closet

It is harder to make more space in your closet without sacrificing on precious space in your bedroom. But maybe with a few handy tricks, we can help you organise your closet better and make it clutter free. Have a look!

Hang all your tank tops in one place with a nifty hanger:
Save oodles of spacewith this little tick. Tank tops don’t take much space anyway and now you can keep them all in one place with this wardrobe hack.

Image Credit: lifedesigncraft.blogspot.in

Hang your boots up!
Boots are so pretty and we know you agree. But they take up too much wardrobe space and it is not possible to fold them either. Use this trick to hang your boots up and style and keep the mud off the floor. Devote a little space in your closet to hangers with little clips which can be used to put up the boots.

Image Credit: dumpaday.com

Knobs make pretty and useful hooks:
You know those hooks at the back of your closet? You can replace them with cute little knobs and use them to hang your belts, bags or scarves. This can also be done with hooks on the wall, behind the door or those in the bathroom.

Image Credit: europeanchicdesign.blogspot.in

A curved hanger goes a long way:
Take a thin metal hanger. Then bend and snap off the horizontal wire at the bottom. Finally curve the hands upwards. Voila! You have your own shoe hanger ready. You can use this to band flip-flops and light weight sandals in your closet. It takes very little space and keeps the shoes organized.

Image Credit: lifehacker.com

We hope that these tips have helped you to optimize the space in your closet. If you still feel that your closet is cluttered, then store your off-season clothes in our self-storage units. We also offer climate controlled storage units for your delicate winter wear. Log on to our website www.storagebahrain.com to know more about self-storage options.


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