29 September 2014

Tips on when to use Temperature Controlled Units

If you have too many valuable possessions, but little space at home to put them, then you most probably have thought of renting a storage unit.

A lot of our customers use our services because they are short on storage and because our excellent customer service enables them access to their item at their convenience.

There are a few items that could be at risk if one fails to rent out a climate controlled unit. Here is a list of such items:

1. Fur
2. Furniture
3. Antiques
4. Musical instruments
5. Vintage cars   
6. Bedding and Mattresses
7. Sports equipment
8. Books and other documents
9. Photographs
10. Artwork and paintings

Image Credit: infiniteselfstorage.com
Temperature and humidity are controlled in climate controlled storage vaults and damage that is caused to these fragile items can be avoided by storing them in optimum conditions.

One good tip is to search for storage providers that control humidity by using dehumidifiers. Air conditioners may be successful in cooling the air but they cannot bring the moisture levels low enough so that it is optimum for storage.

You might not need storage if you are storing items for a month or two. But if you plan to store any of the following items for a longer period of time, we strongly advise you to use climate controlled storage units.

A lot of our customers are expensive and irreplaceable items in our vaults; items that they are attached to sentimentally and they do not mind paying a premium to ensure that its stays in premium condition throughout its storage period.

Do you think you might need temperature-controlled storage vaults? Send us a query here if you think that you do.


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