27 November 2014

3 Alternative Uses of Bubble Wrap

If you thought bubble wrap could only be used for packing, we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong.

Bubble wrap has a few fun alternative uses that we will be talking about in this blog post:

Stress Relief:

Can you think of a better way of releasing stress than popping bubble wrap? Keep some bubble wrap handy next to your office desk and get popping whenever the pressure gets too much.

On Windows for Insulation:

Bubble wrap can be great for insulating your home from the cold and heat. Spray some water on your window and paste the bubble wrap on the window with the squishy side facing the window. Use dupt tape to make the edges stick. Bubble wrap does not dim the light that enters the house and if you use binds to cover the windows, the bubble wrap will not be noticed at all.

Bubble Wrap Painting:

Can you paint with bubble wrap? The answer is yes! Spread some paint on the squishy side of the bubble wrap and press that side against paper and you will get a unique print on paper.

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Let us know in comments if you know of any more interesting things to do with bubble wrap.

Image courtesy: blommi, loop, pinterest.


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