30 December 2014

Resolutions that will keep your closet clutter-free in the New Year

- For every new clothing item I buy, I will dispose of another item from my closet

- This New Year, I will dispose of any clothing I have not worn in the past year.

- If you do not like how something looks on you, you will dispose it no matter how much you've spent on it.

- Get new items altered immediately.

- If there is a piece of clothing that doesn't fit you well or needs repairs, you will get it alerted/repaired immediately.

- Organize your closet every week and deep clean it every 3 months.

How to dispose of items:
You can do one of these things: Donate, sell or throw in the trash.

Another great option for seasonal items is that you can put them in storage. You can store items that are out of season or special occasion items.

You might not use that expensive fur coat all year, but it is an investment that will last you a life time. Also you should not let it take too much space in your closet. This problem can be easily solved by renting a storage unit and putting all seasonal and expensive items in storage. Also fur and leather requires climate-controlled and humidity-controlled storage conditions to keep them looking their best for a long time.

Image courtesy: speedcleaning.com


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