28 January 2015

Limited Space In Your Car? Check Out Some Great Storage Hacks!

It was just a month ago I bought a new car. After some days I was unhappy over its limited storage capacity. Now there were two options in front of me. I could buy a new larger vehicle or invent some storage hacks. I chose the latter as it was inexpensive and also lot of fun!

Now take a tour through this blog and discover some great vehicle storage hacks!

Cute little bags to store your litter: It does glitter!

Travelling to a market or hanging out? These bags will hold your stuff while you sit comfortably in the car. Also it is so easy to pick out things from the bag and then store the litter. It’s cheap and yet it can store expensive things like a camera. Also its environmental friendly (made of cloth). 

Procedure: You just need to get bags like these. And hang them over the seat as shown above.

Karabinerous idea! (Read on to know what it means!)

Small kids often find it difficult to use vehicle storage cabinets being out of their reach. The above hack works wonders for children and adults. It’s a karabiner. It is a coupling link used by rock climbers. No no, you don’t have to go rock climbing to get these. They’re easily available at stores at cheap prices. So get one like the above and hang it as shown above. 

Want to go one step further? Attach a karabiner to another karabiner. Now your child can easily reach her belongings from her booster seat! 

The litter-eater:

The main focus of vehicle storage is to prevent litter. And these bags do the perfect job to keep your vehicle litter-free. It is extremely easy to hang them. You just need to insert it into the gap behind the seat and it is ready to use!

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Image Credit: orgjunkie.com


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