20 March 2015

Love Your Make-Up Kit? Here Are Some Trendy Storage Tips

Many women regard their make-up kit as close to their heart; and why not? After all it makes their skin feel pampered always.

So to safeguard your make-up paraphernalia to the fullest, follow these easy yet trendy storage tips.

How about a brush holder which gives a luxurious feel by simply filling coffee beans?

Magnetism goes pretty well with make-up, and it looks beautiful too!

How about framing them?

Caution: You are sure to envy the visitors for your display of creativity and panache!

About to throw old boxes? You might find it useful in the following way-

And finally, don’t let the counter space in your bathroom go unused.

Further if your vast self-storage needs or commercial needs are searching for someone reliable, we’re always happy to help you.

Image Source: buzzfed


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